Aerial Optics Ltd

About Us

Civil Aviation Authority

Aerial Optics is authorised and regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and has permission to undertake aerial works for which we are fully insured, with any ATC permissions (where applicable) sought by ourselves. We are construction industry professionals who, between us have a combined 25 years’ worth of experience, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines along the way, ranging from project management and engineering, through to surveying across South Wales and the South of England. We are fully conversant with working in a site environment and the need to operate within the parameters of site specific RAMS (risk assessments and method statements) which serve to initially identify then subsequently eradicate any foreseen risks associated with each individual job. We are also SMSTS, CSCS and First Aid trained.


The HSE advise industries to “Do as much work as possible from the ground“. This is where our aerial platforms come into their own. The inspection of cooling towers, flare stacks, wind turbines, pylons and many more high level structures can be facilitated safely, effectively and efficiently without the need to work at height, removing the risk of falls or the need to shut down expensive plant to carry out the inspection. We cover also very large areas in the mapping sector in record time without the need to cross fields and climb styles. We have a selection of different drones to cover a wide range of specialist areas


Matrice 600 B

DJI Matrice M600 Hexicopter Drone

By using the latest high tech equipment, namely the DJI Matrice M600 hexicopter (pictured), a heavy lifting commercial drone, in conjunction with a Ronin MX gimbal and Sony A7R camera, we fly either manual or predetermined flight paths gathering high quality imagery, which can be used in report or presentation format to demonstrate a clear understanding of projects at any one point in time. From volumetric analysis to 3D mapping and high level structure surveys we can meet all your needs.



eBee senseFly Fixed Wing drone

The eBee senseFly is the latest edition to our fleet. It is a 700g professional mapping drone that can cover up to 10km2 in a single flight and reach speeds of up to 60mph. It is fully autonomous from take off to landing and is a serious player in the mapping sector. We use this to cover large quarries (volumetric analysis), large topographical surveys or by adding a NIR (near infrared) camera, in the agricultural market (see services section). The eBee never ceases to amaze us with its speed and precision and our clients are equally blown away by its capabilities.