Our latest drone. The DJI Matrice M600 is a heavy lifting commercial drone capable of both impressive flight times and controllability not seen until now.

We tested the sharpness of the camera set up and the gimbal capability. As can be seen they were equally impressive.

This was a favour for a friend who was trying without success to sell her property. We passed the footage onto the estate agent as it demonstrated the amount of land available. Needless to say after being on the market for 9 months prior to this, it sold within a month. (we’re taking the credit for this).

We flew over the quarry taking multiple overlapping photographs as we went, these were then plugged into specialist Pix4D software which pieced them together creating a 3D model of the surface below. We can cover large areas up to 1.5 Kms2 in a single day which makes this a popular method of producing topography surveys for things such as potential wind farm sites.

Large area mapping job undertaken for Usk land surveys. Area covered 1.5 Kms x .75 Kms with a total of 1400 photographs taken over the course of five flights at an altitude 120 Metres, and maximum distance of 500 metres and all carried out within 9 hours.

A monthly progress video of Kier’s £40M scheme up in Merthyr Tydfil – Shot in April 2017 (October 2016 through to March 2017 available on Youtube). This is an ideal way to demonstrate progress on a large site and gives a clear overall picture to both the client and the site team of what has been achieved over the last month.

A completion video of Kier’s St Fagan’s museum